How to Establish Continuous Discovery & Continuous Delivery to Grow Sales

The principal reason that products fail is poor market timing. If the timing is right, then the top reason for failure is improper problem validation or the total addressable market is too small.

According to The Nielsen Company, 80% of products fail.

My role as a Senior Software Product Manager is to empower my product team to solve customer and business problems.

A tool like Lean Canvas is ideal for validating assumptions and avoiding product failures.

With regards to continuous discovery and in the context of the Lean Canvas, I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Who are the users? What are their needs? What are their wants?
  2. What are the market segments? How are use cases being met today?
  3. Is there an unmet need that users are actively trying to solve?
  4. Is our research reliable? How can we further validate?
  5. Can we sufficiently monetize the value so that our solution is sustainable?
  6. Have we uncovered any 10x innovation?
  7. What MVP can we build that will address this need?
  8. How can we test our solution quickly and cheaply?
  9. How can we best anticipate challenges?
  10. Do I have the right team in place? (values, behaviors, experience, and skills)
  11. How will I and the team know if we are succeeding? (value metrics)
  12. Can we continuously track and adapt?
  13. How can we best conduct root-cause analysis when things fail?
  14. Are we able to adapt at every step of the build phase based on data?
  15. Are features must-have?
  16. Are features usable?
  17. Are features feasible?
  18. Are features viable?
  19. How can we best adapt?

As to continuous delivery, I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Do I have the right team in place? (values, behaviors, experience, and skills)
  2. Are we an effective and efficient cross-functional team and how can we improve?
  3. Is everyone involved in innovation and decision making?
  4. Is the team empowered to make decisions?
  5. Is the product reliable? scalable? meet performance criteria? maintainable?
  6. Do we have the right acceptance criteria for user stories and are we automating testing?
  7. Are we integrating and releasing continuously via a constant stream of small releases?
  8. Are we engaging with our customers daily to gather feedback to improve the product and the process?

I hope the above is valuable for you. If you have any questions, please contact me at:

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