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How to Establish “One System” for Delighting Customers & Growing Sales

One of the major challenges for companies is not having a single system in place for ensuring high customer satisfaction.

The primary reason this happens is that groups within the company (executives or Founders, product marketing, customer experience, legal, finances, etc.) see themselves separate from the product development team and do not understand that everyone is responsible for customer satisfaction.

I have been part of startups and companies where finance and marketing did not have an understanding of the customer, what they perceived as value, and how to deliver on this value. The existence of “separate teams” is the recipe for poor customer service which often leads to lost customers, lost sales, and even failure of businesses.

The solution to this major challenge is not complicated and can be executed in the following manner:

  1. Establishing an operations room, or Obeya Room, physically and/or virtually
  2. Outlining personas, what they deem as value, and creating Big Visible Charts of these personas within the Obeya Room
  3. Completing a Lean Canvas virtually and physically — and including it within the Obeya Room
  4. Conducting validations of hypotheses with “stickies” within the Obeya Room
  5. Wireframing the potential MVP solution and making it available for view within the Obeya Room
  6. Drafting the potential system design and making it available for view within the Obeya Room
  7. Outlining clear OKRs and KPIs within the Lean Canvas and ensuring that they are 100% in alignment with what customers deem as value
  8. Clearly outlining release communications within the Lean Canvas via “stickies”
  9. Outlining the go-to-market strategy within Big Visible Charts and placing them within the Obeya Room

Apart from these artifacts, the key is to schedule weekly meetings for all group members within the company on a weekly basis and explain each artifact starting with the personas and what these customers deem as value.

These visible artifacts and weekly meetings provide the means for everyone to understand how the company can work as “one system” in delivering value to customers.

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