How to Grow your B2B SaaS with Remote Professionals

In my previous article, How to Grow your B2B SaaS Around the Globe: Systems & Tools, I outlined eight (8) key systems that are critical to profitable, global growth. These eight systems are part of the foundations of The Barberis Method™.

Below is an outline of what I have learned as a remote International B2B SaaS Specialist that may be valuable to you as you grow:

  • Top professionals with unique skill-sets and experience live not only in Silicon Valley, NYC, Boston, Israel, or Stockholm — but sometimes in beautiful, remote communities around the globe. For instance, I am presently living in Tasmania and working with clients in Sydney, Santiago, Chile; Portland, Boston, and London. The following are good communities for getting to know top remote professionals: Remotive and Nomad City.
  • Top professionals range widely in their level of consciousness and it is very important to work with individuals that match your level of consciousness, values and behaviors. Read-up on the work of E.O. Wilson, David Hawkins and Ray Dalio.
  • Attract top professionals not only through meaningful work, but meaningful relationships. Top companies are led by servant-leaders that are radically transparent and are focused on building great products while building great relationships.
  • Create an idea meritocracy for problem-solving where everyone is encouraged to contribute, learn, and grow.
  • Create a flexible work environment where individuals deliver value according to their customers’ needs — creatively.
  • Enable experienced international Product Managers (PM) with remote development teams to thrive. For instance, I know of a Sydney-based international PM that works with a development team in the Philippines. His biggest challenge is maintaining healthy working relationships with his team members due to cultural and communication challenges. He was able to solve these challenges by meeting with his team in-person in the Philippines on a regular basis. This collocated opportunity enabled them, as a team, to develop trust and systems for delivering value on an ongoing basis. They were able to develop other systems like: team organization and communications to maximize time-zone differences; team communications to minimize errors; and team collaboration via systems thinking and lean to complement their work on JIRA.

Experienced remote professionals are a great addition to companies as they know how to communicate well and know how to deliver value. If you are lucky to hire the top 1% of international remote professionals, they will have excellent problem-solving skills.

The following are some of the tools worth considering as you grow remotely: @Zoom, @Slack, @HubSpot, @MURAL, @Google, @Wordpress, @Trello, @Github, @Docker, @Zuora, @ProfitWell, @Zendesk, and @TINYPulse. Also, MURAL published a valuable guide and checklists for working with remote teams. It can be found here.

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